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Business Development Services

Now get the accurate information, knowledge and skills on the various aspects of your companyโ€™s advancement.

The idea

Continuous growth and development is essential to ensure the success of your business. The longevity of your business depends heavily on your ability to recognize weaknesses, strengths, and growth opportunities and learn how to capitalize on them to drive organizational success. We aim to help small and medium-sized businesses soar growth of business. For this, we hire experienced and certified business development managers. You can rely on our teamโ€™s knowledge and experience to meet your companyโ€™s growth needs, driving organizational success.

Need For Outsourcing

An outsourced BD partner identifies opportunities for business. It includes initiatives aimed at acquiring new customers, expanding into new markets, increasing revenue and developing strategic partnerships.

Outsourcing your business development needs gives you valuable, actionable insights from experts, helping sustain and grow.

A glimpse of how a BD partner can add value:

  • Researches and develops new revenue streams
  • Keeps an eye on business opportunities
  • Lets your employees focus upon critical deliverables
  • Keeps you up with latest market trends
  • Offers an impartial evaluation of your current performance
  • Allows you to identify business vulnerabilities and recommends a quick fix

An Overview

1. Marketing and Sales

Develop and execute strategies to scale new opportunities

2. Technology Partner Management

Cultivate relationships and lead cross functional team to drive implementation of technology partner ecosystem

3. Coordination and control

Act as a bridge between operations team and clients

Our Services

โ€ข Understanding project requirements.

โ€ข Generating leads relevant to business requirements.

โ€ข Actively engaging with prospective leads.

โ€ข Evaluating leads to asses viability.

โ€ข Forwarding qualified leads to appropriate team members for successful conversion.

โ€ข Ensuring regular engagement of team and prospective leads.

โ€ข Formulating and defining project milestones.

โ€ข Charting out deployment plans and resource alignment.

โ€ข Lead cross-functional team to drive expansion of technology partner ecosystem

โ€ข Improve quality & expand use cases of integrations with current partners

โ€ข Cultivate relationships with priority partners & build out portfolio of customer stories

โ€ข Develop & execute strategies to scale new categories of technology integrations

โ€ข Analyze & monitor performance of partner integrations; establish relevant reports and dashboards

โ€ข Develop strong relationships with the sales, account management, marketing, and engineering teams to ensure customer success during implementation

โ€ข Qualify leads from prospects that fill out the Partner Interest Form and distribute leads to appropriate team member

โ€ข Monitor the competitive landscape to identify competitor partnership strategies

โ€ข Development of new market strategies

โ€ข Identify and incorporate new product/service lines

โ€ข Competitive strategy analysis and implementation

โ€ข Identify strategic business collaborations for future expansions

โ€ข Act as a linkage between your clients and operations team

โ€ข Effectively handle client communication

โ€ข Assist with onboarding projects and termination processes

โ€ข Assist with onboarding projects and termination processes

โ€ข Seek and convey client feedback

โ€ข Preparation of client agreements

โ€ข Cultivate relationships across teams for effective process management.

โ€ข Identifying critical path to project deliveries.

โ€ข Implementing operational control through proactive reporting.

โ€ข Adapting internal processes basis the analysis of client feedbacks.

โ€ข Analyze & monitor the performance of operations team; establish relevant reports and dashboards

โ€ข Understanding the target market.

โ€ข Identifying relevant digital marketing channels.

โ€ข Develop marketing strategies as per business requirements.

โ€ข Create and maintain internet presence.

โ€ข Designing email marketing campaigns.

โ€ข Business website management and Google Ad budgets.

โ€ข Content creation (eg, blog posting and press releases).

โ€ข Leading business events and conferences.

โ€ข Conducting surveys to cater to client needs.