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Virtual Assistance Services

Hire an extra pair of hands to lessen your burden


Tired of handling all the administrative tasks yourself?
Want to focus on more important things but canโ€™t?
Looking for expert assistance to share your workload?
If yes, then hire a virtual assistant today.

Virtual Assistants(VAs) are basically freelancers who assist the clients by providing them administrative services while operating outside the clientโ€™s premises. This means that virtual assistants are not full-time employees of the clients.

However, the clients have to share access to necessary planning documents with these VAs such as shared calendars, and provide them with limited access to the data as required to work remotely.

Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant can help you in not just one or two ways but multiple ways. Tasks which can help in the execution of many business related strategies are also handled by a VA. There are several tasks that a VA does to assist you and your companyโ€™s growth such as:

  • Managing calendar and appointments, sending and organizing emails, research and data entry related tasks, and providing admin support.
  • Providing phone, email, or chat support
  • Conducting research on your products to improve sales tactics
  • Assisting with bits of accounting work, invoice making, and tracking the bank and credit card accounts
  • Handling and scheduling payments for you as well as keeping customer follow up
  • Executing work instead of you to save your time
  • Assisting with new business ideas and recruiting talent as required
  • Solving administrative queries by your employees and other contractors

Why Choose Us?

Handling Communication

We can handle your contact with clients as well as communication over the phone, emails, chats or other social media platforms.

Managing Contacts and Calendars

A VA manages contact lists and keeps it organized as per the clients, and schedules appointments and meetings based on the calendar management.

Database Preparation & Organization

As VAs, we also keep a proper track of databases, reports, document s, and online customer support to prepare and keep an organized database.