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Welcoming Vishal More as Director to the MAS Family

With great delight, MAS welcomes Vishal More to the team as Director. He holds over 22 years of experience in research and data analytics. He has successfully used his expertise to develop data-driven business strategies, establish more efficient decision making processes and set-up effective review mechanisms for numerous businesses that he has been associated with over the years.

Vishal has keen interest in development economy issues, which is reflected in his research reports and papers on poverty, infrastructure, investment climate and assessments of development experience in India. He has also been associated with multilateral organisations such as The World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

We are glad to have him as a part of our team.

โ€œNot all buildings are built on four pillars; as it grows, it needs more pillars to ensure a strong base, and the same is the case with us. Having Vishal join as one of MASโ€™ partners has opened up a new set of opportunities and ideas for the entire team.โ€ said our Co-founders.

โ€œNothing has excited me more than venturing into the unknown and build on new ideas. To have an opportunity to do this with a great team โ€” people I have known and worked with for a long time โ€” makes it even more special.โ€ said Vishal.